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STAMPERLAND CHURCH was founded in 1939 when the local Churches of Greenbank, Netherlee and Williamwood came together to help found the church. The first service was held on 25th February 1940 in what is now the dry cleaner's shop in Stamperland Crescent. Since these early days the church has grown and is active in many ways. Those of us who are members like to think that we are a welcoming and friendly church and hope you find that to be so.

We have step-free access to the church and an easily accessible toilet. The church is fitted with an audio-frequency induction loop (also known as a hearing loop) for those with appropriate hearing aids.

Access to the main halls is virtually step-free.   Unfortunately, the toilets in the hall area are accessible only via stairs.

WiFi access is provided throughout the hall accommodation.

STAMPERLAND CHURCH has a "Minister Elect".   

Stamperland Church is currently vacant.  Together with Netherlee Parish Church we have been seeking a new minister who would, in the first instance, be inducted as the minister of Stamperland Parish Church.  On the retirement of Rev. Tom Nelson, the minister at Netherlee, the two churches will be linked and the new minister would become the minister of the two linked churches.


Rev Scott Blythe, BSc, BD, MBA preached as sole nominee on 3rd September, and following a ballot of members was elected to be the new minister of Stamperland Parish Church in deferred linkage with Netherlee Parish Church.   Scott's induction to Stamperland Parish Church is likely to take place towards the end of November or beginning of December.


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Stamperland Church
The church stands on the corner of Clarkston Road and Stamperland Gardens