To bring God’s message.
To be the focus of people’s lives.
To be seen as something people want to be a part of.
  To reach out to people, supporting them, showing care, compassion, love and fun.
Our Church should be a joy to belong to, a meaningful part of the community.
   Our Church should move with the times and always be relevant ... both here and in the wider world.


Some of the things we do in and for our local community and for communities beyond our parish, our city and, indeed, our country are described in subsequent pages. 

Use the headings on the left of this page (Serving at Home) and (Serving Beyond) to explore further.

Stamperland Parish  -  A Statistical Exploration

The Mission Group of the Church of Scotland has analysed information from the 2011 Census for every parish and area in Scotland and has extracted a wide range of information relating to the population relating to age, ethnicity, religion, educational qualifications, health, broad occupation, home ownership, etc.. 
Click for information related to Stamperland Parish.  To access similar information for any parish in Scotland click this link and enter the post code for the parish as requested and then access the "parish statistics" from the right hand column of the table. 

Annual Report
Each year we produce an Annual Report which summarises some of the activities we undertake and some of the highlights of the year along with information related to our financial performance.  The report forms part of our return to the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator.  You can download a copy of our latest Annual Report by clicking this link to the OSCR website and scrolling down to the link at the bottom right hand corner of the table marked Annual Return History.