Serving our parish and people and projects in our own country

As a parish church we have a natural focus on those living in our neighbourhood and, as our Mission Statement says, we seek reach out to them showing care, compassion and support in times of need.  The minister, elders and members do try to offer both spiritual and practical support and we would ask that no one would hesitate in coming to seek assistance.  You can speak to the minister in absolute confidence.  But we also seek to show that being a Christian can involve fun and we seek to provide a wide range of activities (concerts, quizzes, car treasure hunts, outings, walks, etc....) to which everyone in our community is welcome.

Many of the our members are active in our local community serving on Community Councils, Neighbourhood Watch Schemes and being involved with a wide variety of charitable organisations. 

Looking outwards from our parish we support the two local Church of Scotland eventide homes – Eastwoodhill and Williamwood House.  Some of our members work as paid staff in these homes, some members attend as volunteers.  Our minister, along with his neighbouring colleagues, is a chaplain to both homes.  Further information about both homes can be found by clicking the following link:  Along with our neighbouring churches we actively support services which are held each Sunday in the Victoria Infirmary and Mearnskirk Hospital. 

One of the initiatives we support  - The Heart for Art Project  - employs art therapy as a means of promoting creativity, self worth and achievement in sufferers from dementia. The Heart for Art Group meet in our halls each Friday afternoon and undertake supervised art activities.  The Heart for Art Project was launched in our Church and is new expanding throughout Scotland.  A YouTube video describes the aims and activities of the Group in our church and further information can be found by clicking this link.

We also support the four Glasgow Presbytery projects Church House, Glasgow the Caring City, The Well, Asian Information and Advice Centre and The Lodging House Mission.  We have more involvement with the Lodging House Mission than the other projects.  One of our elders, Alastair Graham, is a regular visitor to the LHM and often takes with him donations of sugar, tea and coffee as well as good quality second-hand clothes.   After the Harvest Thanksgiving Service large quantities of tinned food are also taken to LHM.

We had another food initiative - known as "3-4-2" - where we asked the congregation for donations of food for distribution to the needy.  The "3-4-2" name derives from the occasional supermarket practice of selling three items for the price of two; (we thought this was a better name than BOGOF - Buy One Get One Free).   More recently this initiative has changed and we are now supporters of the East Renfrewshire Food Bank.  Items donated are taken to the Foodbank in Barrhead

For the last two years we have supported the "Real Easter Egg Campaign".  We've collected "Easter eggs" and donated them to Robin House - the Children's Hospice Association Scotland's residential home at Balloch.  

We regularly support the Church of Scotland HIV Project by participating in the SOUPER SUNDAY initiative.  Following the Souper Sunday lunch in 2013 for which the men of the congregation made and served soup it looks as though "man-made" soup will be a permanent feature for our Souper Sundays.

After each of our main Communion Services and our Harvest Thanksgiving Service we provide members with an opportunity to make an offering to a “good cause”.  We try to make sure that we alternate our donations between giving to overseas charities and home charities.  Over recent years we have made donations to the following local (or UK) organisations.


Eastwood Link Club £165
Mary's Meals £118
Scottish Autism £310


                 East Renfrewshire Good Causes                 £451 
                 Williamwood House                                      £115 
                 Erskine Home                                              £272
                 Water Aid                                                      £150
                 Lodging House Mission                                £230     
                 RNLI                                                            £124 
                 Heart for Art                                                  £131


Starter Packs £113
Two Betty's Hostel £153
Erskine Home £245
Robin House £162
Lodging House Mission £176

East Renfrewshire Good Causes £113        

Williamwood Home  £134  

Erskine Home  £136 

Saying Goodbye £189


CHAS £117
Williamwood Home £119
Erskine Home £164
Church House Bridgeton £166
Church of Scotland HIV Programme £280
              Scotland's Churches Trust                           £  87
              Erskine Home                                             £116            
              Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice           £148            
              CrossReach                                               £117
              Church of Scotland HIV Programme         £370
              Clutha Disaster Fund                                   £280 
              Netherlee Primary School (for Pokola School) £111            
              Erskine Home                                             £355            
              Williamwood House                                          £105            
              Lodging House Mission                                 £292            
              Church of Scotland HIV Programme                £188

              HIV Aids Project                                       £310            
              Bridging the Gap                                       £  68            
              Craig Stokes' HART Fund                         £  88            
              Lodging House Mission                                 £112            
              CHAS                                                         £283 
              Lodging House Mission                                 £230           
              Cumbria Memorial Fund                               £170            
              Erskine Home                                             £161            
              CrossReach                                                 £ 76
              Girl's Brigade                                               £  86            
              Eastwoodhill  Eventide Home                       £  80            
              Erskine Home                                             £124           
              CHAS (Robin House)                                   £263
              Craig Stokes' HART Fund                             £200            
              Victoria Sanctuary                                       £264

Erskine Home                                             £242            
              Earl Haig Fund                                           £103           
              Starter Packs Glasgow                               £284            
              Lodging House Mission                               £470 
              Williamwood House                                     £ 232            
              Erskine Hospital                                         £ 112            
              Childline Scotland                                       £ 110            
              Church House, Bridgeton                             £ 114            
              Lodging House Mission                         £ 293

              Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice       £100            
              Children’s Hospice Association Scotland       £100 
              Erskine Hospital                                           £100                       
              Lodging House Mission                                 £247

              Children’s Hospice Association Scotland       £  80            
              Williamwood House                                     £100            
              Eastwoodhill Eventide Home                         £100           
              Chavey Down Respite Home                         £100
              Age Concern Eastwood Dementia Project       £100            
              Eastwood Refuge                                         £100            
              Lodging House Mission                               £425

              Children’s Hospice Association Scotland       £427
              Erskine Hospital                                           £100
              Lodging House Mission                                 £260
              Williamwood House                                     £100            
              Eastwoodhill Eventide Home                         £100