Kirk Session

The Kirk Session is the body which looks after the spiritual affairs of the Church and the care of its members as well as overseeing the church’s financial affairs and the care and maintenance of the church buildings.
Elders are members of the church who are considered to have the appropriate gifts and skills and are ordained to the eldership in a special ceremony in the church.  Attendance at Kirk Session meetings is open to all members of the church and all members may contribute to debates.  However, only elders have decision-making authority. 
The Kirk Session meets approximately eight times a year.  At these meetings the minister acts as the chairman and is formally known as the Moderator.  Between formal Kirk Session meetings elders and members of the congregation meet as smaller committees addressing specific areas of interest.  These areas of interest may be views by clicking this link.
The parish is divided into geographical districts and each member of the congregation living within the parish has a District Elder who aims to visit each member household at least four times a year.