Heart for Art

Heart for Art is a dementia-friendly art group which meets in our church halls every Friday afternoon from 2 o'clock to 4 o'clock.  No previous art skills are needed.  Art Tutors are on hand to help along with a band of volunteers to assist and give a warm welcome, a friendly chat and, of course cup of tea and a piece of cake.   There is no charge for attending.  

Click here to see a video which shows the Heart for Art group in our halls - the section about Heart for Art starts 4 minutes and 20 seconds from the start.  

For further information phone 0141 620 3092.

Heart for Art is designed through early intervention to promote creativity, self worth and achievement. From the early stages of the project the benefits of active life long learning, acting with purpose and the concentration on creative tasks has been visible. The project offers the opportunity for people with dementia and their carers, throughout Scotland to build supportive relationships and access support and advice from CrossReach staff.

The National Dementia Strategy for Scotland predicts a huge increase in the number of people with dementia over the next two decades. CrossReach have a history of innovation in dementia care, opening the first service exclusively for people with dementia within a homely environment in 1983. The Heart for Art project continues this trend, focusing on citizenship and opening up another avenue in promoting the abilities and potential of people with dementia.  Heart for Art is funded by Life Changes Trust.  

See what Heart for Art and some of the other Dementia Friendly Communities are up to!  Click here to see a YouTube video