Missionary Partners

Our Missionary Partners used to be David and Sarah Hall who were based in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

David is a qualified civil engineer. Sarah is a qualified teacher. With three young children, Rebecca, Rueben and Matthew, there is no shortage of work demanding their attention.

David and Sarah work with the Church of Bangladesh's Social Development Programme.   The goal of Church of Bangladesh's Social Development Programme is to empower the rural poor people around issues of health, women’s rights and human rights and to provide vocational development opportunities for both young people and adults – especially women. David works as development facilitator, helping with the management and operation of the overall development programme. His work covers a very broad area ranging from raising awareness of trafficking among vulnerable people and the wider community in which they live as well as providing support to previously trafficked women to providing safe, clean water - work that is complicated by the existence of naturally occurring arsenic in the groundwater which means almost 40 million people in the country are at risk from arsenic poisoning. The Church has been involved in testing existing wells to identify those contaminated with arsenic, and installing alternative water supplies and simple water treatment techniques.

Sarah, a qualified teacher, has been working as Education Adviser for thechurch, particularly focusing on the 27 primary schools in the Dhaka Diocese.  This has involved teaching in a couple of schools in Dhaka, teacher training and helping write project proposals for new funding.

David and Sarah regularly send newsletters to Liz Robb, our Missionary Partner Representative. Recent newsletters can be viewed here.

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Netherlee Primary School is partnered with a large primary school school in Zambia called Pokola Basic School.  Through this connection we have links to Pokola School.  We have supported the school with financial donations and also donations of basic equipment for the pupils such including pencils, pencil cases, items of clothing, etc.  The Head Teacher Mr Richard Shikwesha and one of his colleagues has visited our church.  


Some of you may wonder why we collect old spectacles.    You might think that your particular prescription is unique, that no one else could have the same eyesight loss as you do.  You might think that your frames which were the last word in designer fashion some ten years ago would hardly now be in demand.     But how wrong this is.  

About 200 million people suffer from simple short-sightedness or simple long-sightedness and can't affoard to do anything about it.  We take forgranted free eyesight checks.  We take forgranted the fact that we can buy simple, basic, reading glasses for about £1.00.  We take forgranted that we can get cheap glasses to transform short-sight to normal sight.  

Our old glasses can be used to give the poorest people new sight.  To give them new vision.  With proper sight and proper vision people who couldn't leave home, couldn't work and couldn't interact with others can now live proper, fulfilling lives. 

Our old glasses are checked and the prescriptions of the lenses determined.  The lenses which can be easily used are kept.  Some frames are kept, some are recycled.  Some frames are used to provide a source of valuable metals such as gold, silver and tungsten and the money gained from the sale of the precious metals is used to support the work.

So, when you get a new pair of specs don't throw tham away in your waste bin bring them to the church and they can be used to transform the lives of some of the poorest people in the world.

Last year Connell Cranston took over 100 pairs of spectacles to our local collection agent.


For a good number of years we have supported the Blythswood Care shoebox appeal filling shoe-boxes with a mixture of practical and fun gifts for orphaned and disadvantaged children. More recently we have seen more emphasis on supporting MARY'S MEALS Backpack Appeal.


To celebrate the Millenium we chose to sponsor a project being run by Concern Worldwide in North Kalu, Ethiopia.  Between 1998 and 2002 we raised £4,150 to support the work. 


After each of our main Communion Services and at our Harvest Thanksgiving Service we provide members with an opportunity to make an offering to a “good cause”.  We try to make sure that we alternate our donations between giving to overseas charities and home charities.  Over recent years we have made donations to the following organisations providing services and support on a worldwide basis.

2018 Water Aid £140

Medecins sans Frontiers £ 99

2016 WaterAid £205

Build a House, Nepal Project £600

2015 WaterAid £289

  Nepal Earthquake Appeal £200 

Build a House (Nepal) £953  

2014 Mary's Meals  £  94
Ebola Appeal £202
WaterAid £215

2013    WaterAid                           £232  

2012     Pokola School, Zambia           £100   
            WaterAid                                 £346  

2011     Nazareth Hospital
            Water Aid                               £200
             Mary's Meals                           £  90

2010    Christian Aid                          £939
            Water Aid                               £296
            Glasgow Caring City               £228

2009   Water Aid                                £472

2008    Mary's Meals                           £121
           Water Aid                                 £309
           Christian Aid                            £240

2006   Water Aid                                £233

2005   Tsunami Disaster Appeal       £835

2004   Sudan Appeal                         £243 

2003   Save the Children                   £427