Connections is the new magazine of Netherlee and Stamperland Churches.  The first ever edition is the October 2018 publication.  You can read the magazine by clicking the appropriate link below.

Connections April 2020

Connections March 2020

Connections, February 2020

Connections, December 2019 / January 2020

Connections, November 2019

Connections, October 2019

Connections, June, 2019

Connections, May 2019

Connections, April 2019

Connections, March 2019

Connections, February 2019

Connections December 2018

Connections, November 2018. 

Connections, October 2018. 

FOCUS was the Church Magazine of Stamperland Parish Church.  Then earliest mention of Focus appears in Kirk Session minutes dated 1952 and the reference implies that it was a well-established publication at that time.  

From April 2014 the magazine became available on-line and most editions published since that date are available by clicking the appropriate link below. 

Focus Magazine June 2018

Focus Magazine May 2018

Focus Magazine, April 2018 

Focus Magazine March 2018  To see an expanded version of the Scout Group article please click here

Focus Magazine February 2018

Focus Magazine Dec 2017 / Jan 2018

Focus Magazine, November 2017                                                                                                                                                

Focus Magazine, October 2017

Focus Magazine, September 2017 

Focus Magazine, June 2017 

Focus Magazine, May 2017

Focus Magazine, April 2017

Focus Magazine, March 2017    (this edition make take a little while to load)

Focus Magazine, February 2017

Focus Magazine, December '16 / January '17 

Focus Magazine November 2016 Part 1   Part 2

Focus Magazine March 2016

Focus Magazine June 2015

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Focus Magazine October 2014

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Focus Magazine May 2014

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