We have a House Group which meets fortnightly in different members homes.  There are around ten members who meet regularly and any visitors will be made most welcome.   Meetings are informal; they begin at 7.30 pm and almost always feature home baking!

Each year the Group's attention will focus on a particular theme which may be a specific book in the Bible, or a series of different Biblical characters, or perhaps perhaps an aspect of our faith, such as discipleship.  The topics covered are very varied. 

In addition the House Group often select a cause or charity and seek to support it both through prayer and through positive action. 

In each of the last three years the House Group has supported Mary’s Meals and has, each year, collected over £110 to sent to them.  Last year the House Group made a cash donation of £160 and also collected a great many items of stationery to fill haversacks for their Backpart Project.  In some areas of the third-world countries in which Mary's Meals is active a child can’t attend school if he/she has no basic materials.  Last year the House group donated five haversacks packed full of all the items a child would require for this schooling.  These go to a depot and are distributed into smaller backpacks depending on the age of the child.  Members of the House Group have begun to collect and fill new bags so that individual pupils can be sure of continuing their education. 

The previous charity supported by the House Group was The Street Children of Peru. At that time Olive Buchanan was every involved and she took our offerings and goods over on her visits.

If you would like to join or visit the House Group send an e-mail to

If you would like to assist members of the House Group with the provision of basic materials to support the education of a child send an e-mail to